Custom Header Settings

Here are some examples of the custom header options in action.

Gradient color combinations

a light, feminine color combination

Left – #4169e1
Right – #fcd6f7

a blue gradient

Left – #4169e1
Right – #fcd6f7

orange gradient

Left – #4169e1
Right – #fcd6f7

green gradient

Left – #4169e1
Right – #fcd6f7

Transparent image overlay

Clouds background overlay
Grunge background overlay

Hero image or Video

image background

Still image background.
Solid header background.

video background

Movie or hero image

Text with HTML

Hard bleed gradient with text

Primary Text Box:

Your Slogan Here

Secondary Text Box:

<div class="col-1-2 first">
Your brief product or service write up for that 30 second attention window.

< /div >

<div class="col-1-2 ta-center">
Buy now Call to Action<br />
<a href="/osixthreeo-addons/" class="btn">Get Add Ons</a>
< /div >

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